3000 Series 5.0 Plus Package Graphite

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  • 3010 Ultra-compact bookshelf speakers
  • 3050 Floorstanding speakers are perfect for larger rooms
  • 2-in-1 advanced concentric ring dome tweeter
  • Ultra-low levels of distortion

What's In The Box

  • 2 x 3050 Floorstanding Speakers
  • 2 x 3010 Bookshelf Speakers
  • 1 x 3090c Center Speaker
The flagship for our new 3000 Series, our 3050s are one of the best floorstanding speakers you can buy. Perfect for larger rooms, these visually striking and perfectly proportioned speakers boast ultra-low levels of distortion and deliver unrivaled sound quality and value. And combined with our ultra-compact 3010 bookshelf speakers add a whole other level of acoustic excellence. The package is complete with the 3090 Center Channel speaker which delivers a particularly clear and dynamic sound and acoustically complements any of the 3000 Series models.


Bass Unit3050 Floorstanding: 2 x 6.5" 3010 Bookshelf: 4" 3090 Center: 2 x 4"
Crossover Frequency3050 Floorstanding: 2.6kHz 3010 Bookshelf: 2.8kHz 3090 Center: 2.7kHz
Dimensions(H/D/W) 3050 Floorstanding: 39.37" x 11.73" x 7.87" 3010 Bookshelf: 9.25" x 7.87" x 5.9" 3090 Center: 5.9" x 7.87" x 16.92"
Enclosure Type2-Way Reflex
Frequency Response3050 Floorstanding: 44Hz - 22kHz 3010 Bookshelf: 68Hz - 22kHz 3090 Center: 75Hz - 22kHz
Nominal Impedance6 Ohm
Recommended Power3050 Floorstanding/3090 Center: 25 - 100w 3010 Bookshelf: 15 - 75w
Sensitivity3050 Floorstanding: 92dB 3010 Bookshelf: 86dB 3090 Center: 89dB
Treble Unit1"
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3000 Series 5.0 Plus Package Graphite
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Full Description

3050 Floorstanding Speaker

One of the best floor standing Speakers you can buy. Visually striking floor standing speakers, the perfectly proportioned 3050 speaker is the flagship of the new 3000 Series speakers. Improved twin 165mm Aramid Fibre/Paper cone drivers deliver exceptional bass extension and midrange openness, whilst the new '2 in 1', Concentric Ring Dome tweeter adds astonishingly clear and smooth high frequencies. Performance is further enhanced, both sonically and aesthetically, by its integral steel 'outrigger' plinth with floor spikes.

The flagship 3050 Floorstanding speakers are the perfect loudspeaker for larger rooms. It boasts the ultra-low levels of distortion, typically found of speakers costing three or four times its price. Not surprisingly, as a result it delivers truly unrivalled sound quality and value.

3010 Compact Bookshelf Speaker

Surpassing its sibling the 2010i; the 'Ultra Compact' 3010 builds upon its outstanding performance and adds another level of excellence.

How? By incorporating the new 3000 Series, '2 in 1' Concentric Advanced Ring Dome tweeter, new Aramid Fibre/Paper cones for the 4 inch bass unit, uprated 'audiophile'crossover components and a stronger, lower resonance cabinet.

All these factors combine to reduce distortion and make a small loudspeaker of unparalleled quality and value.

The new 3010 is suitable for both hi-fi music and home cinema use and is an ideal match for the 3090C center speaker and 3070S subwoofer. The 3010 can also be stand or wall mounted, using the dedicated 3000ST stand or 3000WB wall bracket.

3090c Center Speaker

A center channel speaker is all important in a home theater surround system because it allows dialogue to be heard clearly and also ‘locks’ that dialogue to the screen.

The 3090C is a dedicated center channel speaker with two 4 inch, Aramid Fiber/Paper cone bass drivers and the 3000 Series, '2 in 1', wide dispersion, Concentric Ring Dome high frequency unit.

The 3090C deliver a particularly clear and dynamic sound and acoustically complements any of the 3000 Series models.

Removable rear port bungs means it can deliver its outstanding, seamless performance whether it is bookshelf, stand mounted or wall mounted by using the dedicated 3000WB wall bracket.

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