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Concept 5.0 Plus Package

$2,297.00 USD $1,149.00 USD
Color: Gloss Black
  • Low-distortion drive units
  • Dual 150mm drive units
  • Wide dispersion 25mm tweeter
  • Easily driven by any quality amplifier


Our Concept 5.0 Plus Package combines elegantly slim Concept 40 floorstanding speakers with Concept 20 compact bookshelf speakers, beautifully finished and designed for music lovers, and tops it all off with the Concept Center channel speaker, the heart of any home cinema system.

Concept 40 Floorstanding Speaker

The Concept 40 is Q Acoustics’ flagship floorstanding speaker. It is the newest addition of the acclaimed, award winning Concept range and, like so many Q Acoustics models, delivers an unparalleled sonic performance at its price. We firmly believe the Concept 40 sets new standards, even outperforming many speakers in higher price brackets.

In common with the Concept 20, its award-winning ‘little brother’, the new Concept 40’s extraordinary soundstage, dynamics and sheer musicality is achieved by incorporating its bespoke drive units into a ‘Gelcore™ Construction’ cabinet. This State-of-the-Art, ultra-low resonance and beautifully lacquered cabinet design allows the drive units to perform at their very impressive best.

The low distortion drive units incorporate powerful oversized magnets to ensure wide dynamics and an ultra-fast transient response. The elegant tripod stand allows the Concept 40 to achieve perfect rigidity and floor contact which further enhances its performance.

Even the speaker’s attractive aluminium facia plate is not purely decorative. It’s part of an assembly which clamps a butyl rubber sheet to the front panel to reduce cabinet resonance still further.

With 90dB sensitivity and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, the Concept 40 is easily driven by any good quality amplifier. This striking floorstanding loudspeaker is available in either high gloss black, or high gloss white finishes.

Concept 20 Bookshelf Speaker

The beautifully finished, compact and eminently affordable Concept 20 loudspeaker is designed for music lovers who wish to enjoy performances at their very highest quality. The Concept 20 changes everything. Their revolutionary ‘Gelcore™ Construction’ incorporated into their design means, for the very first time, music lovers can enjoy genuine ‘high end’ sonic performance at a very affordable price.

The astonishing ability of the Concept 20 is best revealed when the loudspeakers are used in conjunction with the matching Concept 20 Speaker Stands which, to optimise performance, boasts a Gelcore™ layer in its top plate. This is both visually striking and is resonance-free to optimise sonic performance. With the option of either lacquered gloss black, or lacquered gloss white, not only will they sound amazing, but will also look great. Their versatile design means they are also at home on furniture, bookshelves or suitable wall brackets. Wherever you decide to place them, they will deliver an amazing experience that many of those with a higher price range struggle to reach.

What Is Gelcore™?

The 'Concept 20' proves cabinet resonance need be a problem no longer.

Incorporating a 'cabinet within a cabinet' design, its inner and outer enclosures are bound together by a bespoke adhesive which never quite sets. This configuration (known as Gelcore™ construction) allows the kinetic energy generated by the drive units within the cabinet to be dispersed as heat and preventing them colouring and degrading the speaker's musical output.

The 'cabinet within a cabinet' Gelcore™ construction dramatically reduces resonances and colouration. The 'cabinet within a cabinet' Gelcore™ construction.

Combine this new cabinet design with the Concept 20's advanced, high dynamic, low distortion drive units and the result is a loudspeaker which, at its price, is nothing short of sensational."

Concept Center Channel Speaker

At the heart of any home cinema system is the Center channel, handling the difficult dialogue and often much more. The Concept Center is a precisely optimized implementation of the Gelcore™™ cabinet technology used in the Concept 20 and 40, in order to bring the highest quality performance from this key Home Cinema component. This ultra-low resonance and beautifully lacquered cabinet design with magnetic grille allows the dual 105mm drive units and wide dispersion 25mm tweeter to perform at their very articulate best.

The Concept Center uses Gelcore™ Cabinet Construction, where two layers of MDF, are separated by a bespoke, resonance absorbing, non-setting adhesive, which converts the kinetic energy and disperses it as heat. This substantially reduces distortion and allows the individual drive units to deliver their optimal performance; a pure and uncoloured sound.

The Concept Center is easily driven by any good quality amplifier, providing effortless peaks and crescendos in music and movies soundtracks. Alternative locations for positioning the speaker in the listening room are catered for by providing a foam bung which can be inserted in the rear-mounted reflex port modifying the bass response to suit positioning against a rear wall or in AV furniture.


Bass UnitConcept 40: 2 x 5" Concept 20: 5" Concept Center Channel: 2 x 4"
Crossover FrequencyConcept 40: 2.3kHz Concept 20/Center Channel: 2.9kHz
Dimensions(H/D/W) Concept 40: 38.26" x 6.69" x 11.33" Concept 20: 10.43" x 11.10" x 6.69" Concept Center Channel: 5.9" x 7.87" x 16.92"
Enclosure Type2-Way Reflex
Frequency ResponseConcept 40: 53Hz - 22kHz Concept 20: 64Hz - 22kHz Concept Center Channel: 75Hz - 22kHz
Minimum Impedance4 Ohm
Nominal ImpedanceConcept 40: 8 Ohm Concept 20/Center Channel: 6 Ohm
Recommended PowerConcept 40: 25-150w Concept 20/Center Channel: 25 - 75w
SensitivityConcept 40: 90dB Concept 20/Center Channel: 88dB
Treble Unit1"

In The Box

  • 2 x Concept 40 Floorstanding Speakers
  • 2 x Concept 20 Bookshelf Speakers
  • 1 x Concept Center Channel Speaker

Brochures and Manuals

Concept Series Manual

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