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  • Concept 500 Floorstanding Speaker Pair- Black

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    2017 - 2018 EISA Award Winner for Best Floorstanding Loudspeaker

    The Concept 500 adopts some of the most advanced and innovative technologies to deliver pure audio excellence and a sensational sound stage.

    Our Flagship Concept 500 speakers include professional home audio setup. Please see Full Description - Home Audio Service for additional information.

    Gadget Review

    "High-performance floor standing speakers combine design with a dynamic, lifelike and powerful sound." "You don’t often see speakers that look this sophisticated" "Q Acoustics’ attention to detail is pretty astounding"

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  • 3050i Floorstanding Speaker Pair + QED Reference XT40 Speaker Cables

    We've brought together two of the most What Hi-Fi? award-winning brands ever: QED and Q Acoustics. Designed and tested together, our cables and speakers provide optimal audio performance. The QED Reference XT40 Cables and Q Acoustics 3050i Floorstanding Speakers are nothing short of exceptional.

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  • Concept 40 Floorstanding Speaker Pair

    3 Review(s)

    "We have to say it again: the design and execution of Q Acoustics’ Concept 40 floorstanders is unbelievably good. The gloss finish, the rounded corners, the fact they look equally good with or without their grilles, the stylish chrome/glass outriggers… these speakers look so good they wouldn’t be out of place in a museum of modern art. The even-better news? They sound every bit as good as they look." -- AVHub

    Elegantly slim with an unparalleled soundstage, our Concept 40 floorstanding speakers give a sonic performance like no other. This is achieved by incorporating outstanding drive units into a GelcoreTM ultra-low resonance cabinet. This allows the drive units to simply reproduce music, unencumbered by the level of cabinet induced distortions found in conventional designs. The low distortion drive units incorporate powerful oversized magnets to ensure wide dynamics and an ultra-fast transient response. All of this for a beautiful sound.

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  • 3050i Floorstanding Speaker Pair

    Our all new Q 3050i floorstanding speakers integrate design principles from our critically acclaimed Concept 500 Series speakers, which allows you to experience a stunning sonic performance packaged in a beautifully designed speaker.

    • Impressive enhancements, including design and technological principles from the high-end Concept 500 Series
    • Our 3050i speakers utilize Point-to-Point (P2P™) bracing techniques to reduce intrusive cabinet vibrations for a purer sound and more accurate soundstage
    • We've paired P2P™ with HPE™ (Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer) technology to eliminate sympathetic resonance within the enclosure
    • Twin precision drivers: 165mm and 22mm
    • The 22mm decoupled high-frequency driver with wide surround creates a wide and even dispersion of stereo
    • We've removed conventional terminal panel cutouts, which allows for greatly improved structural integrity to the enclosures
    • Added low-profile binding posts make for easy room positioning
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  • 3050 Floorstanding Speaker Pair

    15 Review(s)

    2015-2017 What Hi-Fi? Award Winner

    "The 3050s’ faithful reproduction would no doubt give decent speakers closer to the £1000 mark a run for their money – and that’s some feat." -- What Hi-Fi?

    "After I installed the 3050 in my system, it didn't take me long to realize that this speaker is a stone cold bargain." -- Enjoy the Music

    “As for the sound, the word we’d use to describe it is ‘controlled’: there’s minimal distortion, fantastic clarity (particularly in the mid range) and some great detail.” -- The Master Switch

    Our 3050s are one of the best floorstanding speakers you can buy. These visually striking floorstanding speakers are perfectly proportioned and are the flagship for the new 3000 Series speakers. Perfect for larger rooms, these speakers boast ultra-low levels of distortion and deliver unrivaled sound quality and value.

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