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3010 Compact Bookshelf Speaker Pair

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Color: Graphite
  • Ultra compact 3010 bookshelf speakers benefit from the advanced, low distortion, wide dispersion Concentric Ring Dome tweeter uprated crossover and improved low resonance cabinet
  • A 4 inch drive unit with Aramid fiber/paper cone material, more commonly known as Kevlar, delivers an extended big bass response with fast dynamics a wonderfully open and realistic mid-range sound
  • The cabinet is made of 15mm MDF panels but with a double-layer 30mm top plate and similarly layered 24mm front baffle. This structure is then braced in specific places to control resonances

Surpassing its sibling, the 2010i, our ultra-compact 3010 bookshelf speakers build upon the 2010i speakers' outstanding performance, adding a whole other level of acoustic excellence. It's also a "What Hi-Fi" award winner. They incorporate the new 3000 Series 2-in-1 concentric ring dome tweeter, Aramid fiber/paper cones for the 4-inch bass unit, uprated audiophile crossover components and a stronger, lower resonance cabinet. All these features help to reduce distortion, so you're getting a small loudspeaker of unparalleled quality. Another aspect that makes the 3020s such quality speakers is the 125mm drive unit made from Aramid fiber/paper cone material. The larger driver delivers an extended big bass response with fast dynamics, wonderfully open and realistic mid-range and an extraordinary being there three dimensional soundstage

The Ultra Compact Bookshelf Hi-Fi Speakers

The Q Acoustics 3010 bookshelf speaker is the smallest speaker in the 3000 range. Derived from the multi award-winning 2000 series, the 3000 series boasts new standards of sonic performance, thanks to a clever new tweeter and drive unit to deliver an unrivalled and more open soundstage. This ensures you can hear the very best of your music throughout your chosen room. Suitable for both Hi-Fi and home cinema use, the 3010 bookshelf speakers offer complete flexibility in set up.

Punchy & Agile Sound

At the heart of the 3010 are new drive unit. Starting at the top, the new Ring Dome tweeter provides a more accurate response, for precise reproduction of even the most subtle aspects of music. The tweeter unit is decoupled from the rest of the cabinet, meaning that it isn't affected by vibration from the bass unit. Reducing vibration in the cabinet is extremely important in delivering the purest sound. A marked improvement from the 3000 series predecessor is the new Aramid fibre/paper woofer cone is light, rigid, and helps give the 3010s their punchy, agile sound quality.

Hi-Fi or Home Cinema? The 3010s Have it Covered

The 3010 is suitable for both hi-fi music and home cinema with the addition of a centre speaker and a subwoofer, both which are available from the 3000 range. An ideal match is the 3090C centre speaker and 3070S subwoofer. The 3010s can also be stand mounted, using the dedicated 3000ST stand that has been developed by Q Acoustics to achieve the ultimate audio response from the 3010 bookshelf speakers.

Award-Winning Home Cinema Experience

The 3010 bookshelf speakers are the heart of the 3000 Series 5.1 System. Combine two pairs of the 3010s, a centre channel and subwoofer and you have an instant home cinema package.


Bass Unit4"
Crossover Frequency2.8kHz
Dimensions235 x 150 x 200 mm (9.3 x 5.9 x 7.9 in) cabinet
239 x 150 x 205 mm (9.4 x 5.9 x 8.1 in) overall
Enclosure Type2-Way Reflex
Frequency Response(+/- 3 dB): 68Hz - 22kHz
Minimum Impedance6 Ohm
Nominal Impedance6 Ohm
Recommended Power15 - 75w
Treble Unit1"
Weight3.6kg (7.9 lbs)

In The Box

  • 2 x 3010 Bookshelf Speakers
  • 2 x Magnetic Speaker Grills
  • 2 x Port Bungs
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 8 x Rubber Speaker Grips

Brochures and Manuals

Brochure Manual

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