The Concept series adopts some of the most advanced and innovative technologies to deliver pure audio excellence and a sensational sound stage.

Introducing the Concept loudspeaker series

The Concept Series, comprising of the Concept 30 bookshelf, Concept 50 floorstander, the flagship Concept 300 standmount, the top-of-the range Concept 500 floorstanding speaker and the Concept 90 center channel for home cinema, is a culmination of all the technological advancements and innovations the company has achieved over the past 15 years and goes beyond anything that Q Acoustics has accomplished before. We confidently believe these beautifully styled speakers provide a level of sonic performance previously thought impossible at these price points.

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No artificial colouring

Every element of acoustic innovation featured in the Concept series is engineered towards designing the ‘quietest’ cabinet possible. From the pioneering Gelcore™ cabinet construction, the microscopic analysed internal P2P™ bracing through to the unparalleled isolation suspension system base and the unique driver design, our expert engineers have continually created new innovations while, evolved and refined these technologies to deliver close to the resonance-free, speaker-design Holy Grail as possible.

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Elegant design

Understated but effortlessly stylish, the Concept family fits perfectly into your listening environment. The exceptional engineering inside the cabinet is matched by the stunning, premium finish on the outside, that honours the range’s flagship credentials. In a world of busy designs, the Concept’s form is refreshingly minimalist, with the series available in three exquisite lacquers – white, black and silver – while the flagship 300 and 500 arrive in dual gloss and Italian wood veneer finishes.

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Controlled power

All driver designs have been specially developed, from the ground-up for the Concept Series. Each driver is optimised to deliver a neutral, powerful and dynamic audio, free from exterior and interior resonances that can affect the transparency of sound. New innovations on the Concept 30, 50 and 90 include a hermitically sealed and decoupled tweeter enclosure to shield from internal resonances from the mid/bass driver and reduce distortion, a driver assembly baffle-mounted design to dampen vibrations, while a larger mid/bass driver voice coil increases motor strength resulting in a 50% increase in power handling.

Concept 30 Bookshelf Speaker Pair


Concept 50 Floorstanding Speaker Pair


Concept 90 Center Channel Speaker


Concept 50 5.1 Home Theater System