The magic behind our unmatched acoustic performance

Drawing on decades of audio expertise and through extensive R&D our dedicated acoustic engineers strive to create technology that will deliver unparalleled sound performance.


First introduced in the Concept 20 and Concept 40 models and featured throughout our Concept Series of speakers, Gelcore™ is a non-setting gel between cabinet layers, which minimises cabinet resonance for a purer, more uncoloured sound.

A Gelcore™ cabinet is constructed using two layers of MDF, separated by this specially developed, resonance absorbing, non-setting adhesive. This special bespoke gel converts and dissipates high-frequency vibrations, generated by the moving drivers, into heat. The result is substantially reduced distortion, allowing the individual drive units to deliver their optimal performance.

Dual Gelcore™

Exclusive to our flagship Concept 300 and Concept 500 models, Dual Gelcore™ is comprised of three individual MDF layers divided by the bespoke gel. This additional layer significantly reduces unwanted sound energy produced by the wall of a loudspeaker cabinet and enables a more accurate reproduction of the source material.


Handed down from our flagship models, the Concept 300 and Concept 500, to feature across the award-winning 3000i range, P2P™ (Point-to-Point) bracing is fitted to interior areas of the cabinet susceptible to low-end frequency vibrations. This internal support design makes the enclosure exceptionally rigid, improving the focus of the stereo image and giving the soundstage more accuracy than ever before.


Tall loudspeaker enclosures are vulnerable to increased internal pressure caused by standing waves. These generate unwanted resonances that colour the sound. Developed for the top-of-the-range Concept 500 floorstanding speaker and trickled down to the 3050i, HPE™ (Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer) tube technology is designed to convert this pressure into velocity and reduce the overall pressure gradient within the speaker enclosure. Tubes inside the tall cabinet eliminate these performance-effecting vibrations to maintain a transparent soundstage.

180 Degree Speaker Technology

With traditional speaker design, listeners are on a mission to find the ‘sweet spot’; the exact listening position where the sound is at its very best in the room. With Q Acoustics’ 180 degree sound technology, the whole room is a ‘sweet spot’.

Using BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) driver units, not only do they deliver a superior sonic performance but disperse the sound 180 degrees across the room. Wherever you sit in your room, you’ll still enjoy the optimal hi-fi or home cinema experience.