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7000i 5.1 Home Theatre System

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  • Based on the award-winning 7000 Series speaker components
  • Precision aluminum cast enclosures
  • Uses the 7060 subwoofer, which at only 150mm (6”) deep, is the slimmest, standalone subwoofer we have created
  • Deep bass extension and a powerful output despite its compact size

What's In The Box

  • 1 x 7000i Centre Speaker
  • 4 x 7000i Surround Sound Speakers
  • 1 x 7060s Active Subwoofer

Awards and Reviews

Experience the 7000i 5.1

Our compact 7000i 5.1 speaker package was designed for those looking for a big sound from a very compact set of speakers. It produces a precision soundstage, powerful dynamics and rich deep bass, making it the natural choice for both home cinema enthusiast and music lovers alike.
7000i 5.1 Home Theatre System

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Dimensions(H/D/W) 7000 Surround Speaker: 9.44" x 6.29" x 3.93" 7000 Centre Speaker: 4.52" x 6.29" x 8.14" 7060s Subwoofer: 12.75" x 5.90" x 18.89"
Enclosure MaterialSpeakers: Aluminium, 7060s Subwoofer: MDF
Enclosure TypeSpeakers: 2-Way Sealed Enclosure, 7060s Subwoofer: Infinite Baffle
FrequencySpeakers: 95Hz - 20KHz, 7060s Subwoofer: 35Hz - 200Hz
HF Unit1" Ring Radiator (Neodymium)
Impedance6 Ohm
LF UnitsSpeakers: 2 x 3" Long Throw (Neodymium), 7060s Subwoofer: 8” (200mm) High-Excursion Driver
Power Handling15 - 100W
Sensitivity85 dB @ 2.83V (Free Space)

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You're reviewing:7000i 5.1 Home Theatre System
7000i 5.1 Home Theatre System
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Experience the 7000i 5.1 (Continued...)

A versatile, compact 5.1 speaker system for surround sound from Movies, Music and TV

Based on the multiple award-winning 7000 series speaker components, constructed using precision aluminium cast enclosures

The 7000i 5.1 Home Theatre System has been designed for those who want a big sound from a very compact set of speakers, particularly the subwoofer, which at 150mm (6”) deep is the slimmest we have produced so far. The Left, Right, Center and Rear speaker enclosures are attractively designed D-shaped aluminium castings for low resonance. Its precision soundstage, powerful dynamics and rich deep bass create the perfect, discreet home cinema system.

We demanded unrivalled sonic performance and breath-taking value for money. In the award winning 7000i 5.1 Home Theatre System, our designers have surpassed themselves. Its precision soundstage, powerful dynamics and rich deep bass make it the natural choice for both home cinema enthusiasts and discerning music lovers.

Style & Substance

7000i Series is a beautifully styled speaker range where the focus is on getting the biggest sound from the smallest, best-looking speakers. This is done by moving as much of the bass as is possible into a subwoofer, enabling us to make much smaller speakers for the front and surround channels, each with their mounting method as part of the clever design.

Moving away from a fibreboard cabinet gives more flexibility for getting the best acoustic shape and appearance.

Room-Filling Sound From A Small Elegant Speaker System

Of great importance is that there is enough overlap between the speakers and subwoofers bandwidth to ensure that they crossover seamlessly without any gaps or peaks. This has been done by giving the ‘satellite’ speakers enough low-frequency extension that they can even be used on their own.

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